Powering Commerce For the Modern Digital Business


Powering Commerce For the Modern Digital Business

Avangate Overview

Avangate powers modern Digital Commerce, solving the complexity of online commerce, subscription billing, and global payments for Software, SaaS and Online Services companies. Backed by a proven cloud platform, unmatched expertise and a depth of digital commerce services, Avangate helps digital business leaders drive the fastest path to revenue, maximize the value of every customer, and expand global reach. Over 4,000 of the most demanding digital businesses in over 180 countries trust Avangate including Absolute Software, Bitdefender, Brocade, FICO, HP Software, Kaspersky, Metaio.

Why have thousands of software companies chosen Avangate?

  • Fastest Path to Revenue. Integrated eCommerce, Subscription Billing, Global Payments and Distribution means zero waiting for merchant accounts, risk approval etc
  • Maximum Value of Every Customer. Advanced tools for automatic renewals, and minimizing passive churn impacts 5-10% of revenues
  • Expanded Market Reach. Sell in over 180+ countries with global payments, multi-currency, and an integrated affiliate network of over 50,0000 partners focused on software and digital goods
  • Global Trusted Partner. Supporting over 4000 software and SaaS companies, Avangate is the trusted partner with global infrastructure and footprint.

Key Features of Avangate

  • eCommerce Manager
  • Subscription Billing
  • Channel Manager
  • Affiliate Network
  • Global Payments
  • Commerce Cloud
  • Marketing & Merchant Services

Benefits of Avangate

very company now must become a digital business, or get left behind.

Today, it's no longer enough to have an "eCommerce channel" as an online catalog and shopping cart that can take a credit card. Unlike as with physical goods, selling digital goods that has its own complexities. This requires managing an ever-changing, global business and driving revenue using a multiplicity of different pricing and payment models while monetizing customer touch points over the entire commerce lifecycle – acquire, activate, upgrade, upsell/cross-sell, renew.

The ability to build a responsive digital business has been complicated by poorly integrated combinations of homegrown and legacy solutions, which were designed for yesterday’s problems. Spanning multiple front- and backend systems and disparate organizations across business, operations, finance, and IT, these solutions delay time-to-market, hamper growth, divert focus from revenues, and suck valuable resources into solving non-core business problems. And the problem only gets worse with the acceleration of requirements across usage- and subscription-based business models, new distribution channels, and alternative global payments.

The ramifications of getting it wrong are severe. Mistakes are revealed instantly and customers will leave at a moment’s notice. If digital commerce is not managed carefully, acquisition costs rise, service costs escalate, and churn rates increase, destroying lifetime value.

Alarmingly, revenue leakage has become a new challenge for most digital businesses. An estimated 10-20% of potential revenue is cumulatively lost across the thousands of commerce touch points that happen every day. Abandoned carts, credit card de-authorizations, churn, refunds/chargebacks, and limited geographic coverage all contribute to unrecovered revenue.

The importance and complexity of running a digital business is driving executives to find a partner with the specialized cloud platform and deep expertise to relieve them from the burden of building, scaling and operating modern Digital Commerce.

This partner is Avangate - powering commerce for the modern digital business.

Discovering Avangate

Avangate Powers Commerce for the Modern Digital Business

Embrace the rapidly changing needs of the digital marketspace and service your customers, both businesses and consumers as individuals.

Increase your software and cloud service sales worldwide across any channel, any model, any market and accelerate your customer centric commerce strategy with Avangate.

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