Award Force

Web-based awards management system

Award Force

Web-based awards management system

Award Force Overview

Award Force is an online awards management system offering users tools to manage entries, take payments, promote their awards, and manage judging. Entries can be submitted online 24/7, with continuous auto-save meaning that no work is lost if an entrant loses connection to the website. Users can then review, moderate, track, tag, search, and filter entries in real time. Payment gateway integration allows entrants to pay any entry fees online, and users can set fees and accept payment in multiple currencies, with additional options for variable fees, such as early bird or late entries, offering discount codes, and configuring VAT/GST.

Award Force includes four different judging modes: Qualifying is used to determine, through consensus, which entries should qualify for following rounds of judging; Top Pick gives each participant a single transferable vote (STV), allowing them to rank their favourite entries in descending order; Voting enables entrants to share their entry on social media to gain votes; and VIP Judging draws on the knowledge and experience of invited judges to score entries. Judging can take place in multiple rounds, and users can manage judges and panels for each round and mode of judging. Results are available in real time, with leaderboards of entries and judges rankings, which can be sorted and filtered. Judges’ feedback can also be automatically delivered to entrants.

Award Force includes a vanity domain for each award account, and users can customize their domain with a color palette to match their brand, alongside brand assets and logos. Sponsors can also be given visibility throughout the awards process. Users can also export data and download reports on multiple aspects of the awards process, including entries, payments, judging progress, scores, comments, judging leaderboards, and votes leaderboards. All entries and results from each season are stored in an online archive, which can be referred back to at any time.

Key Features of Award Force

  • Completion status tracking
  • Entry volume tracking
  • Customizable branding
  • Flexible categories
  • Online payments
  • Multi-currency support
  • Discount codes
  • Social & mobile authentication
  • Judges' feedback
  • Submission management
  • Role management
  • API access
  • Flexible entry criteria
  • Unlimited size file attachments
  • Online entry
  • Auto-save
  • Reviewing and moderation
  • Flexible pricing rules
  • Four judging modes
  • Multiple judging rounds
  • Judging leaderboards
  • Social sharing
  • Sponsor visibility
  • Entry galleries
  • Multi-chapter awards
  • Season archive

Benefits of Award Force

Entries can be submitted online 24/7, with users able to manage, track, tag, search, and filter entries in real time.

Each awards account is given a vanity domain, and users can customize it with their own brand assets, logos, and color palette.

Spreadsheet reports including entries, payment transactions, scores, comments, judging progress, judging leaderboard, and votes leaderboard can be exported.

Four judging modes include: qualifying, with crowd consensus on which entries should qualify; top pick, using the single transferable vote (STV) system; voting, to engage participants with social sharing; and VIP judging, leveraging the knowledge of experienced judges.

Results from each stage of judging are presented on a leaderboard in real time, with the ability to sort and filter results.

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