Blockchain Services

Blockchain has the potential to streamline and accelerate your business processes and increase trust within your systems of record. It cuts out the middleman and offers a secure, immutable record that cannot be tampered with. We can help you optimize your business case before jumping into solutions.

What JPStream can do for you ?

  • Use case business and technical feasibility study
  • Smart contract and Dapp development
  • Rapid prototyping
  • Building out your MVP
  • Advise on privacy and the implications for blockchain choice
  • Blockchain training
  • Advice on the use of digital currencies as a means of payment
  • Retail acceptance of digital currencies
  • International payment transactions and remittance using digital currencies
  • The evolving legal and tax landscape, including AML/KYC and GDPR compliance

Our Blockchain Consulting Approach

Initial Consultation

Get a initial consultation. Fill out the contact form and someone from JPStream will be in touch with you soon to schedule a call to discuss your needs.

Assessment & Feasibility

We’ll analyze the potential of blockchain technology for your organization and help you define the problem area you want to address. If blockchain doesn’t fit the bill then we’ll point you towards a more suitable solution.

Requirements Gathering

We’ll gather your functional and non-functional requirements in user stories and document clear accepted criteria. We’ll include wireframes and mock-ups, where relevant, to bring the requirements to life.

Design & Architecture

We’ll review your requirements and propose a suitable architecture that meets the technical and business objectives.


Our experienced full-stack blockchain engineers can provide quick deployment to validate your use cases, including any integration necessary.

Measure & Learn

We’ll help you measure the success of the application so you can make evidence-based business decisions on which way to move.

Initial Consultation

Initial Consultation

JPStream Blockchain Service is a highly available and secure blockchain platform allowing enterprises and developers to conveniently create, deploy, and manage applications with the superb performance and cost-effectiveness.

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We’re here to help you build solutions faster using short build-measure-learn feedback loops with a focus on validation at every stage.