Cloud ERP

Cloud Business Management Software

Cloud ERP

Cloud Business Management Software

With Cloud ERP system you can:

  • Reduce manual and spreadsheet-based processes by up to 70%
    by using one back office system including financials, fulfillment, inventory and sales
  • Gain daily cash balance visibility
    using real-time dashboards, scorecards and KPI's
  • Save up to 93% in IT costs
    associated with maintaining, integrating and upgrading separate applications
  • Real-time visibility across the business
    with 24/7 access from any browser

NetSuite Overview

NetSuite is the world’s leading Cloud business management software suite with over 16,000 organizations and the fastest growing financial management system across. Made specifically for the needs of high-growth and mid-sized businesses, NetSuite provides one complete web-based system to all core business processes, including accounting / enterprise resource planning (ERP) to inventory management, customer relationship management (CRM) and Ecommerce.

Learn why, according to Gartner, NetSuite is the world’s fastest growing financial management system across the US, UK, and AU and the world’s leading cloud computing business software suite. Operations can be automated, processes streamlined, IT costs and complexity will be reduced. With NetSuite you make simply better decisions.

NetSuite solutions include:
NetSuite: Full-Featured Web-Based Accounting / ERP, CRM, Inventory and Ecommerce Software
A single, complete, fully integrated solution that connects your business across finance, sales, service and fulfillment. The system is built modularly so you can use the complete business software suite to run your entire business better or begin with either the NetSuite Financials or NetSuite CRM modules and add functionality as you need it.

NetSuite OpenAir: Visibility and control for project-based businesses
The leading cloud PSA software. Provides a seamless web-based application to handle resource management, project management, project accounting, timesheet and expense management. NetSuite OpenAir increase visibility into your professional services organization, improves resource utilization, streamlines invoicing and billing, elevates on-time project delivery and drives profitability.

NetSuite OneWorld: Real-Time Management for Global Businesses
NetSuite OneWorld is the first and only Cloud system to deliver real-time global business management and financial consolidation. NetSuite OneWorld effortlessly deals with different currencies, taxes regulations and reporting regulations across geographies and subsidiaries — much more cost efficient than common on-premise ERP solutions.

SuiteCloud: Extend NetSuite by Using a Flexible and Customizable Cloud Computing Platform
NetSuite's proven secure, reliable and scalable SuiteCloud platform delivers the customization and extensibility you need to make NetSuite your business management platform of choice for your current and future needs. And with SuiteApp-dot-com, you can access an online marketplace of value-added integrated cloud applications to power your business processes.

NetSuite for iPhone provides salespeople, service reps and executives with on-the-go, fully optimized access to NetSuite's integrated business management software suite, including real-time dashboards and report snapshots; customer, sales and financial data; calendar management and more.

In addition to NetSuite for iPhone, NetSuite also provides complete support for Safari, the iPhone and Macintosh browser, with SuitePhone.

SuitePhone extends iPhone users' mobile productivity to provide a desktop parity experience while on the go, delivering total access to all NetSuite functionality directly from the iPhone browser. With SuitePhone, iPhone users can perform any task in NetSuite, such as managing leads, checking forecasts, generating quotes and orders, or creating expense reports.

NetSuite for iPhone and SuitePhone work with iPhone 3GS, iPhone 3G, the original iPhone, and iPod touch. NetSuite for iPhone requires iPhone OS 3.0.

Key Features of NetSuite

  • Accounting, ERP
  • Analytics, Dashboards
  • Inventory Management, Order Management
  • CRM, CRM Analytics, SFA, Marketing, Customer Service
  • Quoting, Sales Order Management
  • Ecommerce
  • Multi-Language, Multi-Currency, Multiple Company & Locations
  • Professional Services Automation
  • Data Import/Export, Role-based Security, Developer API
  • Mobile Access, Integration with Microsoft Office & Outlook
  • Workflow engine

NetSuite Benefits

The concept behind NetSuite is simple: it lets you run your core business processes with one seamless application over the Internet - without having to buy, install or manage your own servers. You can handle your company's IT operations with just a browser and an Internet connection. Applications, operating systems, servers and network switches all reside out of sight and within the metaphorical cloud, the Internet, and are managed by NetSuite. This combination of both the Cloud and the complete Suite of applications helps high-growth and mid-sized businesses automate operations, streamline processes, cut unnecessary IT costs and complexity, and make better faster business decisions.

Benefits include:

•Optimized IT costs and complexity: Upgrades, maintenance and system administration take place in the cloud and are managed by the vendor, so you don't have to spend nights or weekends supervising a new version upgrade of your tool, bringing a failed server back to life, or constantly patching together fragile integrations between siloed systems. In an independent industry analyst study, Hurwitz & Associates found that NetSuite cost 50% less than on-premise software over a four-year period.

•Increase productivity: Because NetSuite was built from the ground up as one complete integrate suite, customers gain great efficiencies by streamlining processes and automating operations across the organization. Manual, wasteful activities such as data entry from one system to another, redundant processes across siloed departments, and time spent cobbling together inaccurate data from multiple systems to generate reports is eliminated, freeing resources up to help the business grow.
Customers are able to shorten the cycle time of routine business processes such as cash flow management, lead-to-cash, and procure-to-pay to significantly improve business efficiency helping businesses serve customers better – with fewer resources. Studies have shown that NetSuite customers have been able to reduce financial close time by up to 50% and cut manual and spreadsheet-based processes by 70%.

•Ease of access at anytime, and from anywhere: Cloud computing is "always on," making it easy to grow your business and support remote workers and locations, or support a highly mobile sales or service team, because people can access the cloud any time, day or night, from any browser, desktop or mobile device around the globe, 24x7.

•Better faster decisions: Because NetSuite acts as a universal database where all business data across the organization is housed, customers are provided with real-time visibility across their organization. With the help of built-in, role-based, real-time dashboards, reporting and analysis (using data from NetSuite’s ERP, order management, CRM and ecommerce applications), customers gain personalized visibility into the latest business performance metrics, whether financial, sales, service or marketing performance.
Business eliminate multiple versions of the truth by making decisions based on a single, centralized data repository. Customer-facing sales and service representatives have instant access to information they need to serve customers better, including past transaction history, order and fulfillment status, overdue invoices, service issues, marketing campaign response, and more.

•High availability: Cloud software architectures are designed from the ground up for maximum network performance, so they frequently deliver better application-level availability than conventional, on-premise solutions. For example, NetSuite commits to 99.5% availability for its customers, and provides data security such as PCI DSS compliance that would be cost prohibitive to achieve with on-premise software.

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