Cloud Gaming Solutions

Build, develop and deploy high definition gaming applications

Powerful high-memory server clusters

High-Performance Data Storage

Cloud Gaming Solutions

Build, develop and deploy high definition gaming applications.

JPStream offers comprehensive gaming solutions specially designed for game developers and operators to offer amazing gaming experience on different devices and platforms, including mobile, browser and computer.

Cloud Gaming solution allows you to quickly build, deploy, distribute and monetize your application. JPStream built-in flexibility make this a highly cost-effective solution.

JPStream provides reliable, available and highly scalable infrastructure with powerful high-memory server clusters aimed at delivering immensely satisfying gaming experience for end-users, and minimum operational overheads for game developers and providers. With dedicated gaming clusters that support high concurrency and multi-scenario game deployment, game developers can cater to a large number of gamers and grow rapidly.

JPStream Cloud Gaming Benefits

High-performance Data Storage

Local SSDs have a maximum random IOPS of 12,000 and 300 MB/s throughput. SSD cloud disks provide triplicate backup, an IOPS of 20,000 and 256 MB/s throughput

Complete Network Security Protection

The application layer defenses can be flexibly adjusted and can easily prevent large DDoS attacks and can respond within 2 seconds.

Scalable Resources

Scalable cloud servers supports massive communication packets during concurrent gaming sessions.

High Computing Power

JPStream cloud gaming servers can support thousands of simultaneous online players in a single zone by clustering multi-core cloud servers to give you the maximum amount of computing power.

Global deployment

Offers superior geographic distribution with the ability to deploy gaming applications on high-speed multi-line BGP data centers in different locations across the world.

No Single Point of Failure

Built on a distributed file system that operates on a highly reliable triplicate data redundancy storage mechanism, cloud servers ensures data security and eliminates a single-point-of-failure by providing automatic failover.

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