Cloud Cube Storage

Up to a number of TB storage, no traffic limitations

JPStream Cloud Cube Storage

Cloud cube storage is a data storage system for cloud servers, much like a virtual private hard disk. JPStream’s cloud cube storage can be used to store any information, and offers great value for money at the lowest cost per GB on the market. Fully scalable, cloud cube storage is always available and can be increases in size as required. If you no longer need it, you can drop it at any time without paying for any more than you’ve used.

JPStream’s cloud cube storage is an enterprise-grade, fully redundant system, using high performance SSD-accelerated disk drives. One of the main advantages of using a cloud block storage system is that it provides highly reliable, centralized storage with no single point of failure, making it ideally suited to a variety of applications, including:

  • Storage systems for files, databases, images or other file level data
  • High demand, data-centric applications
  • Fast background storage processing
  • Offline backups

Cube storage volumes can be formatted using EXT4, EXT3, XFS, ZFS, NTFS or any other file system that your operating system supports. Each cube storage volume is associated with one cloud server but can be detached and reattached to different cloud servers as required.

Cloud Cube storage use scenarios

JPStream cloud cube storage allow to back up your files all in one place, and keep them synchronized across all of your computers and devices. Restore any version of any file, any time.

Cloud cube storage offers high-capacity storage servers of great high-capacity and performance ratio.

Cloud Cube storage is a cost-effective data storage system for cloud servers that can be used to store any information.
Here are some examples of the more common use scenarios for cloud cube storage.

Expanding Server Disk Capacity

Online disk storage is now cheap and safe enough to be used for a variety of general online uses such as file storage, server backups, databases and file archiving. Since the disk can be accessed only through your server, you remain in complete control over access to your storage.

Expanding Database

If your database expands to the point of filling up your main system disk, all you have to do is secure additional disk in the form cloud cube storage. There’s no need to pay for more than you use, and block storage can be increased almost limitlessly to accommodate a database of any size.

Archiving Data

Make offline archiving a thing of the past. With JPStream’s cloud cube storage, you can take archives off your local systems and free up your resources whilst maintaining logs, historic data and emails online, ready to be accessed in their archived location.

Moving Servers

When making changes to your server deployment, you may need to shift data from one server to another, consolidate servers, or create additional servers. You can keep your data on cloud block storage for as long as you need it without having to pay for computing resources such as processors or main memory that you’re not using.


Online stores are highly file-I/O intensive as thousands of images are uploaded by vendors and downloaded by buyers over the course of the day. These images can be stored on your cloud cube storage and accessed by very large numbers of users, without compromising on performance. Furthermore, if you run multiple online shops with products appearing on more than one site, you can save upload time by addressing images at a single location.

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Cloud Cube Storage Pricing

A simplest pricing model

JPStream believes in transparent and competitive pricing, and its cloud cube storage is no exception. JPStream’s cloud cube storage operates the simplest pricing model:

¥ 0.50 per GB per month

For example:

  • 10GB of cloud cube storage will cost just ¥ 500 a month
  • 100GB of cloud cubre storage will cost you ¥ 5000 a month

Security made in Japan

We stand for maximum privacy and data economy, host only on Japan servers.

Large Cloud Space

Choose from 4TB to 80TB or more instant access storage. Encryption of all Files by default Access your cloud storage everywhere and anytime.

Unlimited Traffic

Enjoy our guaranteed traffic-flat! There is no file type- or Down-/Upload-restriction for your account!

High Storage Cloud Servers

SAS storage maximizing along with standard CPU performance for running your own mail server, archiving old documents and files, etc.

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