Collaboration conferencing

Change the way your team engages one another

Future Ways of Working

Bring together your technology, workplace and people strategies

Enrich business interactions with powerful tools

We can provide you with a wide range of collaboration and conferencing solutions to help you get the most out of your team.

In today's fast-paced business environment, your people need to communicate with each other, partners and customers at a moment's notice. And you need those interactions to be richer and more productive.

Whatever the size of your business, whatever your situation, our solutions can improve the way you work and collaborate.

Cloud collaboration

Skype for Business

Boost collaboration with Skype for Business. A powerful communications tool with enterprise-grade security and control.

Transforming your workplace collaboration

More flexible and innovative ways of working, to support better business outcomes.

You want to help your people collaborate when and where they need to. But you don't want the cost and complications of managing technology.

Delivered through the cloud, Skype for Business offers powerful tools like Instant Messaging, Presence, Multiparty Video/Content Sharing and Enterprise Voice. They can create a new, innovative and flexible working environment, and provide a consistent experience across multiple locations to support better business outcomes.

The solution combines the familiar interface of Skype with the enterprise security, compliance and control of Microsoft Lync™. It can be tailored to your needs and integrated with existing Microsoft Exchange systems. We provide end-to-end management and support to reduce risk and the burden on your IT teams.

You can also take advantage of a hybrid cloud model. Have some of your services in the private JPStream cloud and others in the Microsoft cloud, depending on your needs.

With a simple price-per-end model and a predictable cost, Skype for Business can help you lower operating costs while giving you greater financial flexibility. Plus, you gain the convenience of one touch point for your entire solution, inclusive of carriage.

Enterprise communication and collaboration app

Discovering Flock for fast moving teams

Flock is a communication and collaboration app built for teams and enterprises. Flock is built to leverage the efficiency gains that individuals, teams and even organizations at large, enjoy when information sharing happens in real-time.

Flock’s features include, but not limited to, instant messaging, group messaging, video calling, file sharing and contact directory. Flock maintains high standards of data security and privacy. Flock has native apps built for desktop, mobile and web.

Flock’s goal is to provide every user a single workspace with minimal need to switch to or use any other tool to complete a task. With Flock, users would now gain more on time and real time information with everything they need in one place, resulting in increased productivity and efficiency.

Why we should be your partner of choice

With the benefit of our broader network and client services, we can help you

We design what you need
We design what you need Whether you want simple, packaged or custom-built solutions, we can deliver superior value, advice and support.

We only partner with the best
We’ve forged close, strategic alliances with leading technology vendors. You'll have the most advanced solutions designed to work better on our networks.

We do it ourselves
We use conferencing and collaboration within our own organisation on a daily basis. We know what works, how to deploy it, and how to manage it.

Change the way your team engages one another. We can provide you with a wide range of collaboration and conferencing solutions to help you get the most out of your team. For Additional Information please talk to your JPStream Account Executive.

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