Dedicated Server
Standard Series

Dedicated Server
Standard Series

Dedicated Server Standard Series

Powerful Dedicated Hosting with Complete Root Access
Our servers are powered by SSD storage, DDR4 Memory and Xenon D processors, and can smoothly handle any type of workload from a critical business application to a high-traffic website.
Configure the server as per your needs during its purchase or customize it later, when the need arises. Choose from multiple Linux flavours and hosting panels.
Our servers are located a top-tier data centres which are backed by redundant ISP links and DDoS protection to ensure your site is up and available all the time.

Dedicated Servers

High-performance hardware backed by an expert team to set up, manage and monitor your servers on your behalf.

Manage Multiple Clients

With cPanel or Plesk you can also sub-divide your server and set it up for multiple clients.

Full Root Access

Take complete control of your Dedicated Server and customize it to meet your requirements.

The ultimate in website performance, security, and control

With full root access, our Dedicated Servers offer you full administrative control of your hosting. Get your Server up and running on a single click, with our unique instant provisioning platform. Enjoy power-packed performance with our Dedicated Servers and Intel Xeon processors.

Dedicated Servers across Japan

Dedicated Hardware Resources for Robust Computing Performance

Entry Level

For Startup Business

A high-performance storage server that can be selected from SATA, SAS and SSD.
For small to medium-sized site operations and front-end scale-out.

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¥ 19890

Setup Fee ¥129890

Fujitsu RX1330 M3
Xeon 4Core 3.0GHz 1CPU
Xeon E3-1220 v6
8GB Memory Ram



Setup Fee ¥ 159890

Fujitsu RX2530 M4
Xeon 8 Core 2.1GHz 1CPU
Xeon Silver 4110
16GB Memory Ram


Standard Series Specifications

Common Features

Product FAQs

Yes, root access is granted with every package and you have full administrative control of your Dedicated Server to install any software you wish to.
Two levels of support are given for all Dedicated Server hosting plans: Core-managed and control panel support. Every package comes along with standard core-managed support. If you have chosen to purchase a control panel through us, we offer additional support options.
JPStream’s proprietary provisioning systems ensure that your Dedicated Hosting Server is ready instantly and your server will be available for use after received your valid payment. If you choose a crypto currency payment option it will be delayed until we receive the blockchain confirmation from your crypto transaction.
Yes, you can use the email function from within cPanel pr Plesk if you have installed it. This will give you access to Webmail through interfaces such as Roundcube. If you wish to use a comprehensive email suite with chat and collaboration tools, you can opt for our workplace and collaboration services
Your Dedicated Server Hosting will be hosted in our premium data centers in Japan. You can choose the data center location as well, in Tokyo, Osaka or Hokkaido.
We accept payment by crypto currencies such Bitcoin (BTC) and credit cards. Please ask your executive assistant for additional information