eCommerce Service

Professional hosting for ecommerce and retail

We know that online commerce is more than an online store. We understand the challenges and opportunities of ecommerce, and how to overcome them. JPStream is the ideal provider for Magento stores.



Why host your Magento website with us

Fast, reliable, redundant and secure network.

Our network has several redundant links to the internet with advanced security and uptime monitoring, designed to eliminate network downtime — combined with a robust backup solution to give you peace of mind.

High performance Magento hosting

Dedicated Server, Private Cloud our hybrid infrastructure solutions, carefully optimized to provide optimal performance for your Magento store — exclusively designed by our developers and system administrators.

High level of Security and Reliability

We update your server with the latest updates and security patches and make security scans regularly, keeping you data safe, your site up and your customers happy. Our service offers a totally managed Magento environment.

Much more than a simple hosting provider

We understand and work with ecommerce for many years. Our solutions are designed to keep your website up all of the time, with the number of resources that provide the most cost-effective relation.

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