Comprehensive website tools, provide next generation hosting on an infinitely scalable platform.

WordPress Toolkit

Install, configure, secure, update and manage WordPress sites without having to leave the Enhance control panel.

Advanced Backups

Create on demand and automatic website backups. Restore whole sites or individual databases and mailboxes.

Role Based Access

Invite your team to collaborate with role-based access, giving them only the permissions they require.


Multi Server Web Hosting Control Panel

A powerful multi-server, customer and website control panel


High Performance Web Hosting

Smart website placement

Manage server load by automatically provisioning new websites on servers based on configurable placement rules.

Server role management

Install server roles individually, guaranteeing each server is sized correctly for its workload.

Robust DNS

Automatic replication and synchronization scales to support unlimited domains within a globally distributed DNS cluster

One-click install

Install the latest version of WordPress complete with an Admin user in just a few seconds

User management

Add, delete and manage WordPress users direct from the Enhance control panel

Plugin management

Manage and update installed plugin direct from the Enhance control panel

Multi-installation management

Install WordPress on multiple website directories and manage them all from the same panel.

Single sing-on (SSO)

Login to your WordPress admin area without having to enter your username and password.

Security Restrict IP

Restrict IP access to your login page by allowing specific IPs only.

Reseller Tools


Customize colors, logos, fonts and more to reflect to look and feel of your hosting brand

Custom packages

Add and manage customer shared hosting packages.

Custom nameservers

Add and manage vanity nameservers.

Websites Tools

File manager

Our inline file manager is fully-featured and the interface easily compatible with tablets, phones, as well as desktops and laptops. Drag and drop files, easily perform mass operations and so on.

Database management

Add and remove databases, plus manage users and table options.

Staging websites

Build websites on a staging domain and push live in one-click.

Opcode caching

Activate opcode caching native to Enhance. Simply toggle on/off for individual websites

Clone website

Create a carbon copy of an existing site in just one-click.


Webmail, Gmail auto-config, Mailboxes, aliases and forwarders, Spam filtering and more...

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