Hosted Exchange

Enterprise-grade security and reliability on the platform
by your partners JPStream and Microsoft.

Email through Microsoft Exchange

Preferred by Mid-sized Businesses and Outlook Users

Use Outlook to Access, Sync and Share Email, Schedules, Contacts and Tasks.

Microsoft Exchange, the latest in business-class email management and collaboration from Microsoft, is the simple way to manage email, calendars, contacts and tasks from anywhere, anytime.

With Microsoft Exchange you can...

  • View your email, contacts and schedule from any location,/li>
  • Use your smartphone to automatically sync your email, contacts and calendar
  • Share emails, contact info and schedules with clients and employees,/li>
  • Get free desktop licenses to load on any computer you use
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Benefits of Hosted Exchange

High Availability Environment

  • Anytime Access
  • Protection from malware and spam
  • Professional looking email and collaboration solution
  • Fully redundant system
  • Updates are performed timely
  • Dedicated and knowledgeable staff available 24 hour a day, seven days a week
  • Automated Exchange on Server Administration
  • Unlimited Storage per Account
  • User performance can be performed by a non-technical person
  • No dedicated IT resources required
  • Sustain good customer relationship by helping businesses stay on top of their emails, contacts and calendar.
  • Hosted Exchange
  • ¥1500
    per /Mo/Account + Setup fee ¥ 500
  • Microsoft Exchange
  • Unlimited email storage
  • 99.999% uptime guarantee
  • Desktop, mobile & web access
  • Advanced email security

Cloud-based Hosted Exchange

Enterprise-grade Email Service Designed for You

Hosted Exchange email will give you high end communication tools while working on the double to minimize cost and free up the core employees from IT related dilemmas. It is an excellent companion of Sharepoint services and it also empowers users to access and update email accounts in any web-enabled gadget.

The prerequisite for the use of this exclusive function is a hosted exchange server. JPStream can help you with that. The company features email, calendar and task management tools to keep everyone within your business in sync and on the same page. These shared resources can be utilized from desktops, laptops, cellphones and many other mobile devices which are great way to get a project done anytime and anywhere. You can choose to get a mix of packages depending on your workforce profile, thus giving you the freedom to balance subscription costs against functionality and capacity.

Free Migration Service

Our in-house experts will move your data to our cloud with no downtime.

Unlimited Storage

Users never have to worry about inbox size • Admins don't have to choose between overpaying and underprovisioning


Our enterprise-class security and stringent privacy controls help you address regulations like HIPAA, FINRA and others.

99.99% financially SLA

Our service level agreement guarantees less than 30 seconds of monthly unplanned downtime.

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