G-Suite Email, Chat, Productivity Apps, Cloud Storage

With G Suite, get a set of Google apps for business that let you and your collegaues collaborate efficiently wherever you are in the world. Get a professional email address, additional storage across Gmail and Drive, interoperability with Microsoft Outlook, enhanced security and more.

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What you get with<br /> G Suite
What you get with<br /> G Suite

What you get with
G Suite

  • Professional email powered by Gmail
  • A cloud-based productivity suite
  • 30 GB cloud storage on Google Drive
  • Real-time collaboration with Docs & Sheets
  • Easily connect through Hangouts & Calendar
  • Enhanced security provided by Google
  • Outlook Email Client with G Suite Sync

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Some of the best features

Leverage the power of Google's Machine Intelligence to build a smarter team


30 GB Storage

Abundant storage across all Google apps for business is an integral part of how Google enables collaboration. You can stop worrying about running out of space and enjoy unfettered access to all your work from the cloud.

Real-time Collaboration

Work seamlessly with multiple teams across continents or rooms. Edit presentations, documents and spreadsheets together in real-time with Google Slides, Docs and Sheets.

Secured by Google

G Suite comes with multi-factor authentication and world-class encryption offering a highly secure, reliable and compliant environment. Google also has advanced algorithms that detect and alert you about suspicious incidents and ensure top-notch security for your data.

Work From Anywhere

With mobile support for the complete suite of Google Apps for business across iOS, Android, Windows ecosystems, work will never stop and business will never sleep. Edit, communicate and share files across any device for a seamless enterprise experience.

Efficiently Communicate & Seamlessly Collaborate

Powerful Android and iOS apps to store, create and share files on the go

Set up Gmail for your domain name - get 30GB of space, ad-free inboxes, easy migration tools and unlimited groups.
Includes spam-protection and backups

You will always find a helping hand close by with support from JPStream's award-winning support team backed up by the wizards at Google.

The intelligent Google Calendar auto-suggests the best times and meeting rooms for your team. It also syncs with Gmail, Drive and Hangouts.

With the all-new Google Hangouts - there's no need to download or add plug-ins - invite anyone, join from anywhere, share screens even without an account

With the all-new Google Sheets, get answers from your data without complicated formulae. Simply ask a question and let Google's machine intelligence answer.

With Google Drive, store all your files in a secure place and access them from anywhere. Share easily with the team and control who can view your content.

Google Docs lets you edit documents on multiple devices. You can also
comment, chat and take advantage of real-time editing.


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You can always add more later as your team grows

1 Acccount Pack
1 Acccount Pack


  • 1 Account Pack
  • 1 Year Pre-Paymment
  • E-mail support
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5 Acccounts Pack
5 Acccounts Pack


  • 5 Accounts Pack
  • 1 Year Pre-Paymment
  • E-mail support
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10 Accounts Pack
10 Accounts Pack


  • 10 Accounts Pack
  • 1 Year Pre-payment
  • E-mail support
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G Suite has boosted the productivity of teams across the globe

Design Within Reach has gone Google

Design Within Reach has gone Google Design Within Reach has gone Google

Product FAQs

Google offers G Suite at a similar price. However, the additional advantage with JPStream is the ease of managing everything you own like your domains and hosting on a single panel.
The paid G Suite Account allows you to access your favorite Google Apps for Business such as Gmail, Drive, Docs etc. for your business linked to your own domain name and includes premium services that are not part of the free account such as: custom email addresses, twice the storage of free Gmail, enhanced security features and full administration rights with access to all the user accounts. You also get unlimited group email addresses, 99.9% guaranteed uptime, zero ads, 24/7 phone and email support, G Suite Sync for Microsoft Outlook, and more.
No. Unfortunately, we do not offer any Money Back Guarantee with G Suite as it is not extended to us by Google.
Once you purchase your G Suite account (google business email), you will get access to email transfer solutions. Tools are available for migration from Microsoft Exchange, Lotus Notes, IMAP servers and other Google accounts.
Yes, you will be able to transfer your existing G Suite account to JPStream. However, any existing tenure with the other provider, if any, will not be moved to us.
Yes, support is provided with your G Suite / Google apps account. We will directly manage all DNS and account setup related issues.
Your G suite account comes with GMail for Work, Google Calendar, Google Hangouts, Google Drive, Google Sheets, Google Docs, Google Sites and more. On top of that it directly integrates with your mobile device. You do not need to worry about security or leaks as the experts at Google manage and update everything for you on the Gsuite Productivity Suite.
Yes, you can use an existing domain with your G Suite order.
When switching to G Suite from another program or web service, you and your users can bring your existing mail, contacts, and calendar data with you. You have a variety of options for migrating data into G Suite, depending on the size of your organization and the system you’re migrating from. Tools are available for migration from Microsoft Exchange, Lotus Notes, IMAP servers and other Google accounts.
Each email account comes with 30 GB space.
You can send and receive emails using any desktop-based email client such as Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express, Mozilla Thunderbird, Eudora, Entourage 2004, Windows Mail, etc. We also have a guide on how you can configure different email clients to send/receive emails. The enterprise email product supports the POP, IMAP and MAPI protocols.
In addition to accessing G Suite mail from the Gmail web interface, you can send and receive mail from your favorite desktop client. Depending on the client, you can use either the IMAP or POP mail protocol. If you’re switching to G Suite from Microsoft Exchange or some other Outlook service, you can use G Suite Sync. This is a plug-in for Outlook 2003, 2007, 2010 or 2013 that lets you use Outlook to manage your G Suite mail, calendar and contacts—along with your Outlook notes, tasks and journal entries.
When you sign up for a G Suite account, you agree not to use the account to send spam, distribute viruses, or otherwise abuse the service. All users on your domain are subject to these agreements, which are part of the G Suite Acceptable Use Policy. If Google identifies a G Suite user who is violating these agreements, we reserve the right to immediately suspend the user. If the problem is domain-wide, we reserve the right to suspend the entire account and deny administrator access to all the G Suite services. In such cases, we send a notification to the registered secondary email address for the domain administrator.
Yes, you can. Use Gmail’s vacation responder to let people know that you won’t be able to get back to them right away. While your vacation responder is turned on, Gmail will send your reply to people who email you.

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