Free Docker Hosting

Deploy apps right out of the box

Container As a Service

That makes it easy to deploy and manage apps at scale.

Life is short so why waste it doing something painful?

Arukas Container as a service takes care of setting up, operating, and maintaining your own platform with Heroku-inspired workflow.

CaaS should not go complicated. The way it should be.

Just Keep it simple!


Define an image, and let anybody build it anywhere. Portability counts.


Follow the Docker way to develop, test, and ship apps in a consistent manner. There's no lock in.


Run scalable apps on many types of platform safely and securely.

Hosting Docker Benefits

Pricing for Arukas. It's now completely FREE

CaaS solutions

For anyone looking for a simple, reliable and easy-to-use CaaS solutions, Arukas is absolutely the way to go. Simplicity matters, but Arukas also has these features below.

Easy to Manage

Arukas control panel helps you access and manage your applications through a simple and intuitive web-based user interface. It has never been easier.

Reliable hosting

Arukas is composed of containerlized high-quality network and reliable hosting environment, which provides developers with rock-solid and highly scalable infrastructure.

Scale on Demand

Scalability is especially important since an applicatiion has to grow as it's needed. You can control container resources at any time.

Key Features

When you host your Docker containers with us, you'll get all this, and more.

Deploy in seconds

Deploy and run your application rapidly. With Arukas deployment could be done within 15 seconds. Let us kick your productivity into high gear.


All applications starts with their own end-point ( * ) that allows the third-party access. You can customise the subdomain as you would like.

Scale out

Arukas is designed to help you operate at scale. The robust and reliable infrastructure needed to cope with the scalability is available on demand.

Control Panel

With just few simple clicks, it's easy and intuitive enough to get started. You can focus much more on tasks at hand without stopping even for a second.

CLI Tool

Arukas command-line tool is an interface for the Arukas Platform API. You can control multiple applications from the command line and automate them through scripts.

Custom SSL

Each application also receives a * subdomain, for instant SSL protection by default. Please note that since Arukas is still in the Beta phase, Custom SSL has not supported yet; The only default SSL protection ( * ) is available for now.

Public API

Control over your resources through a HTTPS-based RESTful API designed with great care. It's easy to use and, and hard to misuse.

Real-time statics

Arukas Metrics provides information about an active resource group, which is updated real-time to give you some insight into the performance of you application.

Some applications you can run on Arukas

You can deploy and run these applications right away.

We will update/upload these tutorials but if you can't find the exact image you need, DockerHub is the right place for you to look up on.

Adapted to any devices

No matter the size of the device used, Arukas works perfectly from mobile to desktop.

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