Security Goals


Information within our infrastructure and systems will only be accessible by authorized users


Data and information within our infrastructure cannot be tampered with by any unauthorized user

Data Protection

Data within the systems cannot be harmed, deleted or destroyed

Identification and Authentication

Ensures that any user of the system is who he claims to be and eliminates chances of impersonation

Network service Protection

Ensures that networking equipment is protected from malicious hacking attempts or attacks that threaten uptime

Our Holistic Security Model

Our Security platform and process leverage on multiple levels of security – consisting of Security Systems and Equipment1 combined with Security Procedures and Practices2 and Auditing Processes3, to ensure unparalleled security for all the services we provide. The platform tackles security at 7 different levels

Our Holistic Security Approach

In order to reduce security risks to minimum, a holistic approach to security is required. Our security processes are born out of a clear definition of the threats to our system.