Benefits of prepaid SIM card

According to a questionnaire survey on travelers in Japan conducted by the Japan Tourism Agency of the Ministry of Land,Infrastructure,Transport and Tourism,the biggest trouble which they had during their stay in Japan was the lack of

free public wireless LAN environments.
The free public wireless LAN has gradually been introduced everywhere,but it has not yet reached satisfactory level.

With prepaid SIM you can use comfortable data communication anywhere anytime in Japan.

Product List

Detail of product specifications

The whole area of Japan is a service area.
NTTdocomo network of Japan’s largest career is 100% coverage rate throughout Japan.
  • Stable communication quality wherever you go.
  • 4GLTE is also available.

These are attached free

  • Multilingual APN setting manual
    (English,Chinese (Traditional and Simplified Chinese),Korean,Japanese,Thai,Tagalog)
  • 365days 24hours customer service
  • Convenient SIM conversion adapter set and SIM pin included

Global roaming data package available. Get You Connected Wherever You Go

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