Cloud IT for Architecture Firms

Reliable, easy-to-use and manage email, file sharing, voice and essential IT services to meet collaboration, mobility requirements.

Cloud IT for architecture, engineering and construction (AEC) firms

AEC firms need tools that easily scale up or down as projects change

Cloud IT for AEC Firms

Construction projects are a flurry of activity and communication. Proposals, plans and drawings shuffle back and forth among clients, contractors, subs and suppliers. Reliable phone, email and instant messaging are essential, whether you are working at the office or on the go at a construction site.

A convenient, efficient way to collaborate and share documents among all parties is also needed. Some files are too large to send by email. To avoid costly errors and delays, everyone should automatically receive the latest versions of plans and documents.

Firms need to scale up staffing for large, new projects or dial back during slow periods with changing project and business cycles.

Protecting your privacy

At JPStream, "private" means private. We're committed to protecting the privacy of your data and making sure you control how and where it's used.

Securing your data

In today's volatile security climate, we take an active approach to making sure your data is protected from threats.

Recommended Services

  • Encrypted Email
  • Hosted Exchange
  • Advanced Email Security
  • Email Archiving
  • Backup and File Sharing
  • Cloud Web Hosting

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