Cloud IT for financial firms

Secure, reliable email, file sharing, voice and essential IT services to meet privacy and security requirements for financial services firms.

Cloud IT for financial firms

JPStream gives you security and privacy controls to protect sensitive information

Financial services firms

Popular targets for cyber criminals

A recent international survey of financial brokers and advisors that found that 80% of firms surveyed have reported that they have been the subject of a cyber-related security incident.

In a new report on cybersecurity practices recommended taking a 'defense-in-depth' approach to addressing cyberthreats. This is very practical, since there is no single way to avoid attacks. The defense-in-depth concept is based on having a variety of measures that address attacks on different systems and applications that you use to communicate with customers and conduct business.

Security and privacy

controls to protect sensitive information

Our Premium Compliance and Security plan includes high security email, file sharing and web application security tools. Everything you need to succeed in today’s high-pressure business climate, from encrypting sensitive correspondence, proposals and research to collaborating on due diligence with private room access controls for documents.

All available to your team whether they’re in the office or on the road with full support for mobile devices.

Key regulations

JPStream strives to ensure compliance with the key regulations that impact financial firms.

Protecting your privacy

At JPStream, "private" means private. We're committed to protecting the privacy of your data and making sure you control how and where it's used.

Securing your data

In today's volatile security climate, we take an active approach to making sure your data is protected from threats.

Cloud IT for financial services firms

Start with our Premium Compliance + Security plan

Our Premium Compliance + Security plan services help you address the security and privacy controls specified by international regulations. In addition to the services included in this plan, we recommend you consider adding Hosted exchange, storage capacity and Skype for Business Enterprise.

Recommended Services

  • Hosted Exchange
  • Advanced Email Security
  • Encrypted Email
  • Email Archiving
  • Backup and File Sharing
  • Cloud Web Hosting

Invest in working smarter, not harder. Integrate your people, information and assets with our cutting edge communication, collaboration and security services.

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