Cloud IT for financial firms

Cloud IT for financial firms

JPStream gives you security and privacy controls to protect sensitive information

Financial Cloud IT Road

By combining industrial features and JPStream's cloud services, this solution provides end-to-end cloud services for financial customers such as banks, insurance agents, security companies, or Internet finance enterprises.

It helps customers quickly migrate their services to the cloud, promoting fast growth and improving their competitiveness.

Financial Cloud Services

By integrating different cloud services, JPStream provides a one-stop solution that features low cost, high reliability, and elastic scaling for financial enterprises such as banks, insurance companies, securities companies, and Internet finance enterprises.

By working with Enterprise Intelligence, this solution enables financial enterprises to innovate their business transactions, payment verification, investment management, and risk control strategies. It improves user experience and realizes data monetization.

Recommended Solutions

Securities Quotes

The Securities Quotes solution leverages rich JPStream services to help securities enterprises deploy cloud-based quotes systems that meet security and compliance requirements, ensuring high availability

Small Internet-based Loans

The Small Internet-based Loans solution uses a wide range of JPStream services to quickly establish a regulation-compliant, secure, and reliable small Internet-based loan platform that improves business.

Supply Chain Finance

The Supply Chain Finance solution uses a wide range of JPStream services to roll out financial supply chain systems quickly.

Financial Transaction Dual

The Financial Transaction Dual-recording solution deploys a dual-recording system based on JPStream to record and store audios and videos during financial transactions, for review and random

Insurance Business

The Insurance Business solution leverages JPStream clous hosting services to rapidly construct and deploy insurance service systems that meet industry requirements for compliance, security, and reliability.

Dedicated Financial Cloud

Dedicated financial cloud helps financial institutions migrate core services to the cloud. Computing, storage, and network resources are isolated on multiple levels, enabling tenants to exclusively use physically

Virtual Bank

Virtual Bank is a secure and innovative cloud service–dedicated solution that provides exclusive resources for virtual banking services, ensuring high performance and security compliance for core financial services.

Document OCR

JPStream provides an end-to-end financial document recognition solution for the financial industry. This solution improves business efficiency by helping quickly collect information

High Network Security Risk

Enterprises are facing different forms of network attacks, such SQL injection, XSS attacks, DDoS attacks, and Trojan horses. Therefore, they need a professional security team and effective security products to safeguard their data.

Business Challenges

High Costs During Business Surges

In the Internet era, financial enterprises retaining traditional IT architecture must invest in IT resources that can handle business surges during peak hours. This decreases the overall annual resource utilization and increases the enterprises' IT investment load.

Difficult Business Innovation

As market competition has become increasingly intense, all financial enterprises must continuously perform profound transformations and innovations to compete with rivals. However, traditional IT architecture is slow in applying new technologies, hindering innovation.

Huge Investments on DR Centers

To ensure reliable and smooth service operations, financial enterprises build their own data centers and deploy services in three data centers at two different sites. The initial investments for such construction are huge.

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