Cloud IT for legal firms

How busy legal practitioners can get closer to clients,
plus use our cloud solutions to trim costs and stay competitive.

Responsiveness and agility are key for legal firms

Legal Firms need to be innovative and agile in the face of tough competition

With our help, your firm can stay at the forefront of technology.

We can talk to you about evolving a collaborative environment or optimising access to your firm’s vast files and systems. That means your busy lawyers can respond efficiently and effectively to their clients’ needs.

It’s just one way technology can help you to build better relationships.

You need to be innovative and agile in the face of tough competition. Your clients expect superlative responsiveness, efficiency and cost-effectiveness. To meet the security and regulatory requirements of your clients, you need IT tools that help you to communicate and collaborate, and support best practices for protecting email and files.

In addition, your tools need to be reliable: the cost of downtime for a 30-person law firm can be over ¥ 10.000.000 ($100,000) a day.

Security and privacy controls

JPStream gives you security and privacy controls for protecting attorney-client confidential correspondence Our premium compliance and security plan includes high security email, file sharing and web application security tools that increase productivity, project a high degree of technical competence and also conform to the security and regulatory requirements of different client industries.

Cloud IT for legal services firms

Start with our Premium compliance + Security plan
The services in our Premium compliance and security plan offer security and privacy controls to help protect client attorney confidentiality and support client industry regulations including finance and healthcare.
In addition to the services included in this plan, we recommend you consider adding storage capacity and Skype for Business Enterprise.

Recommended Services

  • Encrypted Email
  • Hosted Exchange
  • Advanced Email Security
  • Email Archiving
  • Backup and File Sharing
  • Cloud Web Hosting

Securing your data

In today's volatile security climate, we take an active approach to making sure your data is protected from threats.

Key regulations

JPStream strives to ensure compliance with the key regulations that impact legal firms.

Protecting your privacy

At JPStream, "private" means private. We're committed to protecting the privacy of your data and making sure you control how and where it's used.

Need more information about our solutions for legal practitioners to become more streamlined and influential ? Talk to your JPStream Account Executive.

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