True NuGet-as-a-Service


True NuGet-as-a-Service For FREE

MyGet allows you to create and host your own NuGet feed.
Include packages from the official NuGet feed or upload your own NuGet packages.

Compatible with NuGet, the Visual Studio Package Manager Console, Orchard, SymbolSource and many more.

MyGet delivers a NuGet-as-a-Service experience, allowing you to simply sign up and start creating you own NuGet feeds in no time, for free!

This effectively means no development cost, hardware cost or operational cost on your side. Familiar with NuGet? Then you already know how to use MyGet! Browse, search, download and upload packages using any NuGet client (Visual Studio, nuget.exe,
NuGet Package Explorer, Chocolatey, ...) or use our easy to use web interface.


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