Give your Teamwork
the tools they need.

Boost productivity with on-the-go access to business-class email, document sharing and online meetings with business and Microsoft® Office apps.

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Image alt textImage alt textImage alt text Give your Teamwork
the tools they need.

Make the most of your time

Access work and people on the go

Work together

Share documents, Online HD video conferencing screen sharing, real-time notes, share mailboxes.

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Look professional

Make the right impression with business-grade apps. All from the office everywhere.

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Easy IT

Manage your Microsoft 365 services through a single web-based admin centre.

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JPStream Mobility Products

Your business works better when you communicate more
Indigo Eiwa6 Pro
¥49,890 ¥19,890

Indigo Eiwa6 Pro 5G 8GB RAM+512GB RO 6.7 Inch

Indigo Y50 Pro
¥49,890 ¥29,890

Y50 Pro 8GB RAM + 256GB ROM 7.2 Inch

Indigo X10 Pro
¥49,890 ¥29,890

X10 Pro 12GB RAM + 512GB ROM 6.8 Inch

P45 Pro 8+256GB
¥39,890 ¥19,890

P45 Pro 8GB RAM + 256GB ROM 6.3 inches