Our Decentralized communication and Social media solutions

  • Mastodon Social Media
  • Matrix Secure Open Network
  • Element Secure sensitive communications

Mastodon Self hosted Social Media

It’s about time to take the control of your social media, where you and your community share your life and core values. Mastodon enables your community to stay connected without any compromise be it your privacy, security, or control. You will be able to decide what matters to you the most. With Mastodon you run your own social media.

We are committed to Open Source and decentralization. We will be very happy to host your Mastodon instance.

JPStream mastodon instance offering its political stability and strong privacy laws as advantages.

When you want to run mastodon and be part of the fediverse, you need a domain like YOURNAME.social. This is the domain that your users will be known under.

Reserve your domain name now at Asiance Internet

Matrix Hosting

What is Matrix?
Matrix is a modern and decentralized, open-source chat solution backed by a dynamic community. It provides advanced user-focused features such as end-to-end encryption, bridging or audio & video calls.

The strongest point of Matrix is federation: a Matrix homeserver allows you to manage your own community and to join the whole Matrix network. You will be able to exchange with users on any other Matrix server without any special configuration!

You can enable end-to-end encryption (E2EE): only the sender and intended receiver(s) will be able to read the messages..

TWith Matrix you are able to use voice and video calls as well.

You can bridge to other networks: Mattermost instances, IRC, Slack, Telegram and more via Matterbridge.

Hosted Matrix Chat

We provide you with your own dedicated Matrix home server, as well as a hosted web client. Matrix requires a domain name in order to join the global networks.

There are many Matrix clients, although we strongly recommend Element web which is the most advanced at the moment.

How Install Matrix

We provide a one click install on your server

Element Liberate your communication

A secure communication and collaboration platform. Element is for everyone, from casual chat to high powered collaboration. Communicate the way you want with Element a universal secure chat app entirely under your control.

End-to-end encrypted

The entire Element platform is end-to-end encrypted by default including voice, video, messaging and collaboration protecting all the information shared within it.


Element is decentralized to give organizations complete control of their data and a robust, resilient communications network for mission-critical environments.

How Install Element

We provide a one click install on your server