Bare metal cloud for online games

Low latency and all of the power Bare Metal servers give you, with the benefit of zero overhead automation and global regions you can deploy in minutes.

Customized Infrastructure

Any type of server specification to suit the needs of your game.

Superior compute and I/O

Individual containers deliver up to 30% greater compute and I/O performance in a bare-metal environment.

Better resources utilization

VM-based container environments resource utilization may be as low as 15% in contrast to 90% for bare-metal stacks.

Custom Connectivity

The most important thing when it comes to online game hosting is latency. JPStream is capable of providing custom connectivity solutions that connect directly to your PoP while still making use of our Cloud platform for Bare Metal.

Increase performance

JPStream's with intelligent DDoS protection systems distributed in four points of presence. JPStream DDoS Protection is able to mitigate up to 2Tbps of data.

How can we help you?

We partner closely with you from onboarding to deployment, offering 24x7ticketing support, email and chat support, dedicated technical account management, support in your dashboard, and personalized recommendations for your business goals.