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Please fill and send us the form. Our team will review your request and will contact us within 24h or less.

After complete your payment, you will receive a setting email information with the data center of your choice. Please note: The setting by default is Japan

If you are already a JPStream customer, you can request your web hosting presence location from your customer portal or open a ticket here: Customer Support Center

Shanghai Data Center Location

Application for ICP

To deploy a website in ShangHai (Mainland China) on a server or CDN nodes, both individual and enterprise applicants must apply for an ICP Filing. By obtaining an ICP Filing from MIIT, your sites will be eligible to be accessed in Mainland China: * For non-commercial internet information services; * Can only be used for informational purposes and not for generating revenue.

We recommend to contact our team previously to help you to get ICP Filing. Customer Support Center

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