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JPStream now gives businesses access to a globally distributed node infrastructure optimized for today’s digital economy. Whether you’re an established blockchain platform or simply running Web3 and DeFi projects, use Latitude.sh’s bare metal cloud platform to run and scale your infrastructure.

Designed for builders and validators

is updated to keep up with the exponential growth of the blockchain. Our servers are equipped with a number of cores and speeds on a single thread that is ideal for you to run your validator node or RPC server.

For builders

Scale to hundreds of nodes in different global regions within minutes. Our high-performance, low-latency network allows for much faster access to your dApps.
Less than 1ms away from your cloud-hosted service in AWS, Azure, GCP, and Digital Ocean.
We built a server optimized to run on any chain. The recently introduced production is available in 13 different locations and can be expanded to 96TB+ of local NVMe storage for serving historical data.
You get large of eggress bandwidth per server per month, bandwidth pooling for servers in the same country and project, and bandwidth packages as very low per TB.

For validators

Leverage our network and attract more delegators to your validation pool. Use the right hardware in enterprise-grade datacenters across the globe.
Less than 1ms away from your cloud-hosted service in AWS, Azure, GCP, and Digital Ocean.
Reduce the risk of penalties with our battle tested network.
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More than 50% of Proof of Stake nodes are centralized in big clouds, posing a risk of blockchain network disruption in case of downtime. Decentralize Web3 with several locations across the globe.

API-first to automate your blockchain journey

Deploy servers across 13 regions in minutes, then manage everything from power cycle to private networks, all through our easy-to-use API.

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