Aeris Windows Private Server

The perfect balance of power, speed and reliability, the three components hard-wired into Aeris Windows.

Aeris SSD Windows VPS

The Perfect balance of power, speed and reliability

Aeris SSD Windows Hosting VPS packages are the right choices in meeting the crucial requirements of developing on a Windows platform. Each package provides the necessary server-based technology support for Web and non-Web applications.

Aeris Windows private server hosting is done to feel and look similar to a physical dedicated server hosting. Aeris requires comparatively lower costs and provides increased efficiency and scale major resources like memory, CPU and storage. Aeris Windows server also provides automatic failover so that users do not have to worry about availability again.

For unique cases where both dedicated and cloud server hosting is required, Aeris Windows integrates effortlessly to create a true hybrid configuration. With Windows 2012 servers you would have to worry about issues like security and uptime.

Discovering Aeris SSD Windows VPS

With your growing web hosting need for more control and performance of your web server, the best logical choice is none other than Windows VPS web hosting .It gives you all the power and that too without any responsibility of a personal physical server, thus making it cost effective. Our Windows VPS hosting server is embedded with virtualization technology from Microsoft.

Unlike other VPS services you will never complaint about the security issues and speed that the Windows VPS hosting provides although being shared. It gives you access to the Control Panel Adds-ons like Plesk.

Fast & Simple

Your Windows VPS will be fast and simple to use!

Remote Desktop

Login with Remote Desktop!

24/7/365 Support

We're here to help you!

SSD Storage

SSD-accelerated disk storage provide impressive performance

Fast Network

Premium 100Mbps Network and Local Network 1Gbps

OS Support

Windows Server 2008. 2012 R2 Standard Edition

IP Address

1 IPv4 and 1IPv6 are delivered with all Windows VPS

Data Transfer

We offer Unmetered monthly data bandwidth with all windows VPS

Service Included

Free Install and Reinstall OS, Free Reboot Server

Aeris SSD Windows VPS Hosting Plans

  • WIN VPS 768
  • ¥1980
    per /Mo
  • SSD Storage 30GB
  • CPU 1 Core
  • Memory RAM 768MB
  • Remote Desktop
  • WIN VPS 1G
  • ¥2890
    per /Mo
  • SSD Storage 50GB
  • CPU 2 Core
  • Memory RAM 1GB
  • Remote Desktop
  • WIN VPS 2G
  • ¥4980
    per /Mp
  • SSD Storage 100GB
  • CPU 3 Core
  • Memory RAM 2GB
  • Remote Desktop
  • WIN VPS 4G
  • ¥9890
    per /Mo
  • SSD Storage 150GB
  • CPU 4 Core
  • Memory RAM 4GB
  • Remote Desktop
  • WIN VPS 8G
  • ¥12890
    per /Mo
  • SSD Storage 300GB
  • CPU 6 Core
  • Memory RAM 8GB
  • Remote Desktop
  • WIN VPS 16G
  • ¥23890
    per /Mp
  • SSD Storage 600GB
  • CPU 8 Core
  • Memory RAM 16GB
  • Remote Desktop

Quick FAQ's

Anything you can do with a windows server or desktop! Install any application you would normally with your Windows PC or Server and it will work just like normal. You recieve remote desktop (RDP) access to the server in order to connect to it. It will look just like the desktop you are used to when you connect.

You can use remote desktop services in order to connect to your Windows VPS.

You can use your own license on our Windows VPS servers.

JPStream is a 24/7/365 operation with trained techs to always have an answer for you. Since we are an unmanaged provider, we are only required to provide support on network and hardware related issues. Anything beyond that scope, you would have to pay for administrative tech time.

We accept major credit cards via Skrill, Paypal and Bitcoin. For people residing in Japan, we accept ATM transfer.

We offer unlimited monthly data transfer you haven't to be worried about it.

Your Server will be hosted in our Tokyo, Japan based data center

KPStream takes internal backups for disaster recovery reasons. These backups should NOT be relied upon as a customer backup. We do offer paid backup services.

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Occassionally our fraud detection can mark legitimate orders as fraud, and we do apologize in advance. If this happens to you, simply open a support ticket and supply the required identification to allow up to process the order.

Microsoft SQL Server 2014 is an option. You can choose this option during your order or ask our team to add this feature in your account.

How ordering ?

1 - To order click on the button "Sign Up Now"
You will be redirected to the JPStream Portal

2 - Set your complete information

3 - Add funds in your customer account
(the minimum add funds is 5000 JPY the maximun is 500 000JPY)

4 - The funds received are placed in your credit balance.
When you have the appropriate funds in your credit balance you can order the item you would like purchase.

You can Add funds anytime. The funds deposed are used to pay your invoices or to purchase any products you would like set in your hosting plan.

5 - Payment term
The minimum payment term is quarterly
A small setup fees is requird for all our Windows VPS

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