NEW NVMe Generation 4 Of Self Hosting

NVMe (Non-Volatile Memory Express) SSD enhances the consistency, reliability and performance
while increase the efficiency for data storage, management, and accessibility.
With running multiple I/O operations simultaneously, NVMe SSD enables the processing of multicore and provides the Quality of Service (QoS).
NVMe SSD takes the full advantages of CPU utilization and high performance flash memory. This greatly increases the performance and efficiency of instances.
By connecting vCPU via PCI Express (PCIe) interface, less than half of the number of vCPU instructions are required to process the I/O requests.

NVMe SSD over Traditional SSD

Compared with traditional SSD, NVMe SSD can handle multiple streams of data at the same time and provide faster speeds. In addition, data can be written simultaneously by allowing the data division and streamline through NVMe SSD. This results in faster interfaces and optimised routines for writing data to the SSD.

NVMe SSD Storage

Fast, reliable and efficient storage. With faster access times, experience faster loading websites.

99.9% Uptime and DDoS protection

With our state-of-the-art infrastructure, experience 99.99% uptime for all our servers, regardless of the plan.

Cloud Migration Service

Cloud Migration Service provides professional migration solutions and dedicated support tools to help you smoothly migrate data and applications to the cloud. It allows you to focus on your business instead of the migration process.

Free Data Migration

Transfer your Hosting to our Cloud Hosting Services effortlessly. Contact with our hosting migration experts for more details.

24x7 Support

Enjoy round-the-clock expert support for your business to ensure uninterrupted services.

Zeon Hi X-Large

Setup Fee 38890 JPY
waived  for 2 and 3 Years contract
Choose Your Datacenter Location

Zeon Hi X Large Plus

Setup Fee 38890 JPY
waived  for 2 and 3 Years contract
Choose Your Linux OS

Zeon Hi 2X Large

Setup Fee 38890 JPY
waived  for 2 and 3 Years contract
Choose Your Control Panel

Zeon Hi 4X Large

Setup Fee 38890 JPY
waived  for 2 and 3 Years contract
Choose Your Backup Service

Full control over your website is at your finger tips. with our modern control panel, you’ve got access to all of the tools you need to maintain your web properties.

Create unlimited websites and manage them directly from Plesk, cPanel/WHM, Cyberpanel or Webmin dashboard.

Zeon hosting plan offer unlimited email accounts. POP3, Imap, Webmail access. You can set emails account from your control panel.

One-click automatic Let's Encrypt SSL for all of your sites. Your control panel also take care of SSL renewals for your websites.

Zeon Self Hosting include 1 private IPv4, IPv6 available on request


Product FAQs

Cloud Hosting is the newest form of web hosting that is gaining great popularity over the recent years. The concept of cloud hosting is principally ‘Divide and Rule’. The cluster of servers that work together to meet the resources required for maintaining your website is termed as a cloud.
A website hosted on shared hosting is placed on the same server as many other sites, that could range from a few to hundreds. In this setup, all websites share Storage, RAM and CPU from the same server. On the contrary, our cloud hosting services offers nearly unlimited ability to handle traffic spikes because of a virtualization layer with a separate CEPH storage cluster and upgradable CPU Core and RAM model. In case if one storage instance is rendered inaccessible, the other instances will be able to serve the stored information due to 3N redundancy.
JPStream’s Cloud Hosting Services offers maximum reliability by automatically distributing three data mirrored copies across multiple devices for data safety. Every website is hosted on a virtual partition of multiple physical servers which draws resources like disk space and bandwidth from these.

Each Zeon HiPerf hosting plan use the latest Intel processor architectures and full-SSD NVMe storage.

Yes, Zeon hosting plan come with 1 dedicated IPv4 address. IPv6 is available on request. We do not provide additional IPv4 address with Zeon hosting plan.

Yes, Zeon hosting plan offer full root access to the user. Additional you can request our technical services for Free Reboot server or Reinstall your Operating system.

Yes, in Order to install an SSL certificate on your Zeon hosting package you need to connect with our support team.
However, FREE SSL certificate is provided by Zeon hosting plan.

Zeon Hosting plan is optimized for your need, however, it is not possible to upgrade or downgrade a plan. If required, you can purchase new server.

Zeon Hosting plans offer a flexible managed server backup – free for life – (every 48 hours.) Additionally JPStream maintains weekly backups for disaster recovery, and on request, for a fee, we may be able to restore your web, email, and database content subject to availability. However, we recommend you to take full responsibility for your own backups and NOT rely on JPStream to keep copies of your content safe. Alternatively, you can set up automated backups through CodeGuard website backup.
Yes, you get Email Hosting on all our Zeon hosting plan through your control panel. Zeon hosting plan provide POP3, Imap, webmail.

Yes, There is multi advantages to separate your email server from the web server. We offer a wonderful Enterprise separated server email support as well. Please contact our support team for additional information.

By default, your website is hosted in Japan. We currently offer Zeon Hosting in the following additional countries. Singapore, Australia, E.U and USA. Please choose your data center location in your order.


We are cryptocurrencies hosting enthusiasts we accept Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies.
Paypal payment is accepted

Get expert advice for your cloud services, and choose the right cloud infrastructure for your needs. Contact your account executive.