1 TB+

peak network traffic

10 ms -

to major local internet providers

4 TB

total network capacity

3500 +

ASNs directly connected

ABOUT Bare Metal Server

What is a bare Metal Server ?

A bare-metal server is a physical computer server that is used by one consumer, or tenant, only. Each server offered for rental is a distinct physical piece of hardware that is a functional server on its own. They are not virtual servers running in multiple pieces of shared hardware.
  • Streaming
  • Web3
  • Gaming
  • Fintech
  • Deep Learning
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Robotics
  • Big Data
Cloud bare Metal Servers

Dedicated Bare Metal Cloud Servers

Everything you need to deploy and manage single-tenant, high-performance bare metal servers close to your users and manage easily through a powerful dashboard, cloud native integrations, and a robust API.

Isolated cloud environment

What is Dedicated Bare Metal Cloud?

A Dedicated Bare Metal Cloud is an infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) dedicated virtualization solution that provides cloud resources to serve a single tenant. The isolated cloud environment offers the benefit of the outstanding, undivided power and performance of a dedicated server, while delivering the resource flexibility that only a cloud platform can offer.
In addition, Dedicated Bare Metal Cloud is the best solution that guarantees a long-term processing power combining the advantages of a cloud solution and a physical server. By minimizing service downtime and maximizing flexibility, Our Dedicated Bare Metal Cloud helps businesses of all kinds reduce costs and boost performance to reach their most ambitious goals.

Optimize your Cloud Journey with our Bare Metal Server Plans

Unmatched Performance and Flexible User Experience

Included with all plans

24/7 specialized support

20 TB/mo Free outbound traffic

Free inbound traffic

IPMI access

99,9% uptime SLA

Bandwidth reporting

Unmetered DDoS protection

Dashboard and API

Product FAQ's

All servers come with 20 TB of free outbound traffic. Overages are ¥0.05 per extra GB. We only charges for outbound traffic.
All servers available are connected to our automation platform. The time that it takes for a server to be available from the time you request it is 10 minutes most of the time. Some operating systems, like Windows, take around 20 minutes to deploy because of the image size.
We accept credit cards and several other payment methods, depending on your country.

Crypto payments are also available for select companies. Contact us to learn more.
Our support team is not outsourced. When you call, live chat, or open a ticket, you’re sure to be talking to a enterprise staff member.
In addition to the options listed here, we also offer completely customized servers, from processors to disks, RAM, and more. If you’d like to explore custom options, please contact us.
Yes, all taxes are included in the final price of the services.

Looking for different configurations?

Do you have a specific project, need to make changes to a specific configuration, or have different needs? Get in touch to discuss other options.

Credit Rewards Program

Up to ¥300000 in credits to expand your infra to help you expand your business to new regions.

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