Blockchain Hosting

Mining Farm Hosting with Stable and Continuous Electrical Resources
New On-site Solar Generation

NGX Mining Farm Hosting

Stable and Continuous Electrical Resources and New On-site Solar Generation

We provide all in one solution for your mining. You can choose hosting service after you purchase your mining equipments from us. We’ll get it run your miners immediately in our mining farm which maintained 24/7 by our professional support team.

You only need to pay a monthly nominal fee,

  • starting at ¥19890
  • one time setup fee ¥84200

The total bill will be sent to you one week before the commencement of hosting period, at the beginning of the first hosting month, and payment needs to be cleared within 7 days.

You need to submit the following mining setting info to us when completing full payment of your order:

  • cryptocurrency you want to mine
  • wallet address
  • mining pool

Your miner will start running within 1-3 days after delivery, and you can check your hashpower and mining income through your mining pool link. If you got any problem you can contact our customer service at our mining farm.

On-site Solar Generation

Currently at 0.158mW. headed towards 0.796mW.
Unbeatable Power Costs Of 2.7cents/kWh Will Be Available For Mining Ops By 4th Quarter 2019.

Why you should host with us

We're located in an ideal climate area for cryptocurrency miner hosting! The environment,air quality, and humidity conditions are relatively better than other places.

Our Cryptocurrency Mining Farm can host up to 10000+ mining equipments. We accept all types of rigs, from GPU to Asic miners. And our megawatt data center is built from the ground up to meet the specific power and cooling needs of your gear.

The abundance of hydroelectricity makes our location perfect for providing hosting services. We signed long-term contract with local government and can get very good electrical resources.

On-site Solar Generation - Currently at 0.158mW. headed towards 0.796mW.
Unbeatable Power Costs Of 2.7cents/kWh Will Be Available For Mining Ops By 4th Quarter 2019.

Our test solar project has had 0.1586mw of solar running since 7/2/19. We are still gathering data and have been feeding that power into our substation to power our current mining facility.

We has already gathered $400k USD of funding to set up 0.8mw farm. With it, we are running and discovering the optimum way to power our growing mining operation and ensure a huge source of clean energy profit.

Thus far, we have roughly calculated that the maintaining of the farm doesn’t surpass 1c/kWh. Thus we forecast that it will be able to provide our whole mining facility with power around 2.5c/kwh. This will dramatically increase profitability from our current price of 6.3c kWh.

We are aiming to have this in place by the beginning of 2020.

We offer direct VLAN remote access to all of our customers no matter their size, so you remain full owner over your miner at all times. You get full remote access to your miners internals via a web connection. Your hardware is secure in our facility. Security systems, redundant CCTV, Full Insurance including Client Machines. Monitoring software and automation system available with VPN access

We are Cryptocurrencies Hosting Enthusiasts.

We accept Bitcoin Payment for these hosting plans

You can purchase your hosting solution securely and anonymously by using BitCoin. For smooth transitions, we have chosen BitPay as our BitCoin payment processor partner. Orders are processed almost instantly after payment has been received.

You can purchase any hosting solution from us by using BitCoin simply and easily. Our system is fully automated, and your invoice will be marked as paid after three confirmations.

Our Bitcoin Address

Please Send your BTC directly at the following Bitcoin Address.


For any questions about Bitcoin Payment Please contact us.

Ethereum Payment Accepted

Our customers now can pay our products and services with Ethereum.

All payment by Ethereum must be send at the following Ethereum Address


For any questions about Ethereum Payment Please contact us.

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