About NVMe

Why PCie NVMe ?

Compared with traditional SSD, NVMe SSD can handle multiple streams of data at the same time and provide faster speeds. In addition, data can be written simultaneously by allowing the data division and streamline through NVMe SSD. This results in faster interfaces and optimized routines for writing data to the SSD.

Superior Speed

Enterprise NVMe SSD takes the full advantages of CPU utilization and high performance flash memory. This greatly increases the performance and efficiency of instances.


High I/O consistency

With running multiple I/O operations simultaneously, NVMe SSD enables the processing of multicore and provides the Quality of Service (QoS).


Lower Latencies

By connecting vCPU via PCI Express (PCIe) interface, less than half of the number of vCPU instructions are required to process the I/O requests.

About NVMe

Performance Comparison

NVMe technology provides advanced storage, speed and compatibility. Compared with SATA SSD, NVMe SSD transfers 25 times more data by using PCIe sockets. And the commands of NVMe SSD are 2 times faster compared to that of AHCI drives. Moreover, the input/output operations per second (IOPS) from NVMe SSD exceeds 1 million and is up to 900% faster than that of AHCI drives.

Pricing plans

Cloud Server Plans & Prices

Amazing features

Local Solution For Global Operation

We begin with 10GigE networking interfaces for fast ingress/egress of traffic from our host nodes, through the data center, and into our internal enterprise network.

2,000Gbps of connectivity between our data centers and 300+ PoPs (points of presence) located around the world delivers traffic through dedicated pipelines.

Partnerships with 12 leading global network providers, multiple peering links, and redundant fiber connections deliver traffic to its destination quickly and reliably, including HKIX, GTT Communications, Level 3, TeliaSonera, PCCW Global, Hurricane Electric, NTT, Telstra, Tata Communication, Cogent, Chunghwa Telecom HiNet, China Telecom CN2, China Unicom and China Mobile.
Our NVMe performance purpose server are available in the following data center strategic locations.
TokyoLondonNew York
Sidney (Australia)FrankfurtChicago
Hong Kong (China – on request)Los Angeles
Bangkok (Thailand – on request)Atlanta
Mumbai (India)Dallas
Our NVMe purpose cloud server offer Multiple Linux Distros for optimal server productivity. Build a familiar environment by choosing from various Linux distros like:

Linux Distros
CentOS Stream 8CentOS 7Ubuntu 22.04
Ubuntu 20.04Ubuntu 18.04Debian 11
Debian 10AlmaLinux 9AlmaLinux 8
Rocky Linux 9Rocky Linux 8
Apps Install

Zero-Downtime Upgrades

Scale your resources per your growing needs. Upgrade your server’s resources at anytime with zero downtime.

When your website, blog, or web app gains traction, you want to be able to respond instantly and without a second of downtime.

With JPStream adaptive cloud servers, you can stop planning for downtime and get back to growing. Our thin virtualization platform allows you to scale instantly your server.
Benefits of Performance Node NVMe Cloud Servers

Benefits To Your Business

Improved Performance

With VPS’s dedicated server resources and easy upgrades, you can support your website’s growing traffic, eliminating performance lags and ensuring lightning fast speed.

Full Root Access

This feature lets you customize your VPS Server per your specific business requirements by installing desired software and applications with full root server access.

Enhanced Security

VPS Server Hosting lets you install firewalls and custom security software through root access, allowing you to enhance your website’s security.

Quick Setup

Get up and running operational VPS Servers within minutes of buying them. Our provisioning process is automated and flawless. Expect instant provisioning with our server hosting plans.

Higher Reliability

Our VPS Servers ensure complete server isolation, offering uninterrupted services with maximum uptime and reliability.

Greater Storage And Bandwidth

Get higher levels of bandwidth and advanced Solid State Drive (SSD) storage for increased VPS Server’s efficiency and boosted performance. Leverage our Tier 1 ISPs backed network and experience high-class reliability and speed on our Virtual Private Servers. You will never have to worry about your data with our sophisticated Tier IV Data Center around to take care of your backups. We provide greater data redundancy and seamless failovers to ensure 99.99% uptime for your websites

NVMe Storage

Meet the future of the web with our flash-memory-powered NVMe SSD VPS. With lightning-fast speed and instant scalability, our NVMe SSD VPS Hosting will make downtimes and latency a thing of the past.

Advanced Support

Irrespective of your technical proficiency, VPS Hosting offers quality and accessible support services to assist you at every step of your hosting journey.

Free Migration

Experience seamless and spillage-free migrations with our c-Panel facilitated transfers. Let our account managers assist you with all aspects of switching to our VPS Server. Plesk or cPanel transfers are available on request, and we help you migrate from any platform and technology.

Multiple Locations

Global presence of servers and data centres to ensure maximum availability and operability of your websites. Get truly connected with our Linux VPS Hosting.

RDNS Support

Our Virtual Private Servers feature rDNS support for a clutter-free and spam-free mailing experience.

Daily Backups

Safeguard your valuable server data, files and folders peace of minds with JPStream Performance Cloud server we offer FREE daily backup

DDoS Protection

Our servers are monitored to proactively mitigate DDoS incidents and prevent any downtimes or interruptions on your websites.

Fully Managed Support

Choose hassle-free server management with our managed hosting plans. Let our trained support professionals proactively assist you with the setup, configuration, migration, monitoring, and security aspects of your VPS Server.

Take The Full Value Of Cloud With JPStream’s Adaptive and Performance Node Cloud Solutions