About Cloud Panel

Multiple Application Support


Site Management

Simple site management features like Site Settings, Vhost, Databases, Let’s Encrypt, SSH/FTP, File Manager, Cron Jobs, and Logs. Configure Site security like the IP and Bot Blocking, Basic Auth, or you can route the traffic for a site through Cloudflare.



The Dashboard lets you quickly assess the primary stats health of the core server resources. View information about your Instances such as its cloud, hostname, operating system, and public IP address. With monitoring graphs and metrics, get an overview of CPU Usage, Memory Usage, Disk Usage, Load Average.


Admin Area

Manage users with different roles and permissions assigned to specific sites. Make firewall settings or enable automated backups via integrated cloud features.

Self Hosting Made Easy


Reducing operational costs and increasing efficiency by automating processes.

CloudPanel lets you apply automation to server management tasks like creating sites and deploying applications.

The CLI offers a comprehensive set of commands for all essential tasks.

Amazing Features

Cloud Panel Features


Installation Wizard

The Installation Wizard offers to set up multiple types of software applications. You can choose between installing a WordPress Site, Static HTML/CSS/JS, PHP, Node.js, and Python by adding a new site.


User Management

nvite users and configure to which apps they have access to. Users can use the dashboard to find and directly open their apps. All in one place.


Cloudflare Integration

Cloudflare is a cloud-based network security solution provider that offers CDN, DNS, and other services to make websites faster and more secure.


MySQL & Maria DB

MySQL is the most common Database type for web applications. You can create and manage MySQL Databases via phpMyAdmin directly through the CloudPanel. Add multiple database users and manage user permissions.

Easy Install

Install Cloud Panel on your server

Create a fresh Ubuntu Jammy 22.04 x64 or Debian 11 LTS server and Start Install


Lightweight Components

CloudPanel uses ultra-fast lightweight components for maximum performance. The technology stack is built with NGINX, PHP-FPM, Redis, Node.js, and more.

Well Configured

CloudPanel is shipped with well-configured server components optimized for maximum speed.

ARM Ready

CloudPanel is ready for the Arm-Based server, delivering Up to 40% higher performance at 20% lower cost.

Low Resource Consumption

CloudPanel has a low resource utilization. Minimum system requirement: 1-Core, 2GB Memory, 10 GB Disk!