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JPStream comprises of a group of tech businesses owned, operated or invested in by BitCap and Intermediation Network. The Group boasts of multiple business units that are run independently by their respective management teams.

  • Advanced Advisory Team
  • Professional Consulting Services
  • 24/7 Support Help Center
  • Customer Service & Operations

Cloud Innovation

JPStream is backed by 20 years of solid experience. We continue to invest and innovate in the design of reliable and high performance cloud infrastructure.

Cloud Solutions

Tailor your cloud to fit your unique application needs all in one place thanks to our global partnerships and extensive interconnects.

Cloud Advice Team

Rely on our deep cloud, security, and network expertise and experience to transform your cloud into a springboard for innovation.


Company History


2000 – 2005

After an incubation period of five years we started our operations in 2000 offering dedicated hosting services in Japan and Hong Kong with a primary hosting focus of online education, e-learning, building architecture and financial industry.

2005 - 2010

Early 2005 JPStream joined itermediation group an high-tech financial company specializing research and development for fintech and startup. In parallel with the emergence of crypto currencies, we have elaborated a process of developing our own and private crypto data farm in South Asia.


2010 – 2020

During this period we have strengthened our infrastructure, oriented on the Asian economic zone and an extension towards emerging countries like India and Brazil. We have expanded our internet presence in oceania, europe and the united states. we have developed a strong and redundant infrastructure on 14 data centers spread over our international business area of operation


2020 – 2022

A second mining farm has been created for our crypto mining business operation. and extended our productions and services to multiple sectors of activity, such medical research and development, data storage. we have also strengthened our technological partnerships. We continue to invest and innovate in the design of reliable and high performance cloud infrastructure.


Management Team


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