Welcome to JPstream Internet the leading provider of Web hosting for small and medium businesses, offering e-commerce, and application hosting in Japan. Asia and throughout the world. We have always believed that exceptional products and services build customer loyalty.

That’s why we offer cutting edge technology built on the best hardware available. Our support techs and customer service representatives are passionate about hosting, and want to help find the right services to meet your needs.



JPstream is committed to developing the most successful web sites possible. With a unique combination of designers and programmers, JPstream can develop a web site that fits your needs, no matter what they entail.

With an enthusiastic attitude about transforming the way e-business gets done, we strive to improve the online presence of every business that comes to us. We use intelligence, creativity and technological expertise to design and build powerful web sites.

Through using tools and talents that are industry-specific, JPstream has generated strategies that understand the practices, processes, and pressures facing your company. In turn, our client relationships are based on our proven ability to shorten the distance between idea creation and realization.

In using this focused policy, our seasoned development team has generated solutions for industry-specific challenges. Solutions like electronic commerce, interactive learning, online brand building, business design, self-publishing content, revenue management, marketing automation, business information systems, online payment processing, and customer relationship management.

We are open to the world, open to the future. Today, we have created the perfect portal for innovation.

There was a time, when gateways separated the known from the unknown. To pass through was to cross the boundary between nature and civilization.To pass through was to change your destiny forever.

We have crossed the threshold to a world where ancient wisdom meets the new millennium. Where global is local. Where distant is present. The pace quickens.

Horizons expand. Potential abounds. Today, we have created the perfect portal for innovation.

For flashes of inspiration. Glimpses of enlightenment.

We create new worlds to explore. And dispatch our thoughts to the four winds.

We are open to the world, open to the future.

Innovation is the new capital. Talent the new machinery. Information the new currency.

All is seamless. Transparent.

When East truly meets West, when the best minds meet and join forces, a new kind of place comes into being.

Where success is expected. Where success is applauded. Where success can be savored. The goal remains the same. To strive. To create. To say to our posterity: “This have I achieved.” In such a place, the world feels at home.

Such a place is JPStream.

A hub for Asia A gateway to Japan A portal to your future.

JPStream Internet